In Mirchi, prabhas was last saw performing commercial dance routines. For whatever reason, prabhas hasn't shown off his dance prowess in a major way in a film since Baahubali. But according to recent reports, Prabhas' next movie, "Kalki," may bring him back to the dance floor in a big manner. The producers have confirmed May 9, 2024, as the release date, and they have given fans hope that prabhas will find his rhythm once more. The song "Ta Takkara Takka Takkara..." follows the beat.

Reliable sources claim that prabhas will wow viewers with a few large-scale dance performances, one of which will be a hot duet with the gifted Disha Patani. Renowned composer Santosh Narayanan is responsible for the soundtrack for these thrilling song scenes. The crew behind "Kalki 2898 AD" is working nonstop to make sure that their film captures viewers' attention and becomes a huge box office hit. When it opens in theatres on May 9, 2024, the science fiction and Hindu mythology-infused movie is sure to captivate viewers.

Recent updates suggest that the creators have included certain unique components that promise to enhance the viewing experience and completely delight Prabhas' fans as the film nears completion in post-production.

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