The film "Harihara Veeramallu" featuring Pawan Kalyan, directed by krish Jagarlamudi and produced by AM Ratnam, has been a project that started four years ago but has not been completed yet. Despite various speculations and rumours, producer AM Ratnam clarified the status of the movie in a recent interview.
According to AM Ratnam, the film has not been stopped, and there is ongoing progress on the sets. Addressing the rumours about director krish Jagarlamudi leaving the project, Ratnam did not confirm any such development. Instead, he emphasized his commitment to creating a memorable film with pawan kalyan and expressed the intention to make the movie at an exceptional level.

In response to allegations circulating on social media, Ratnam mentioned, "YCP media is promoting that this film has been stopped. But there is no truth in that." Additionally, Ratnam shared an update about the movie, stating that "Harihara Veeramallu" will be a two-part film.

The film, set in the 17th century and revolving around the Mughals and Qutub Shahis, marks Pawan Kalyan's first period drama. The project features nidhi Aggarwal as the female lead and bollywood actor bobby deol in a villainous role. The movie aims to create a memorable cinematic experience and is expected to be a significant project for Pawan Kalyan's second innings in the film industry.

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