Every movie enthusiast in the nation is forever imprinted in their memories of Mani Ratnam's romantic thriller Roja from 1992. aravind Swamy and Madhoo, two relatively unknown actors in the key roles, contributed to the movie's current legendary reputation with their performances.

Mani Ratnam and aravind Swamy collaborated on several additional films after the release of the movie, such as bombay and Chekka Chivantha Vaanam. Madhoo, on the other hand, did not feature in a major motion picture since Roja and only made a cameo in Mani Ratnam's 1997 film Iruvar. In a recent interview, the seasoned actor discussed the reason for it, saying that at the time, she did not give mani ratnam due credit.

Madhoo addressed the subject that has been bothering fans for almost thirty years: "Why has Madhoo not worked with mani ratnam after Roja?" during the conversation. The actress said that during her first few days on set, she avoided interacting with anyone and did not give mani ratnam due credit.

She continued by saying that she thought mani ratnam was trying to create Roja at the time and that Madhoo was the best choice for the role, thus she wasn't helping him. She said that this idea was the cause of her failure to give the director proper credit. She went on to say, nevertheless, that looking back three decades later, she is still acknowledged for the role she played in the movie and regrets not giving mani ratnam credit for Roja. She said that the ponniyin selvan director gave her an identity and that she now saw Roja as a gift from God.

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