New reports have revealed that the Serial actress who is unable to star in two super hit series at the same time is now Vijay tv series.

Various serials are being broadcast on the icon to attract everyone from housewives to young fans. Although more than 50 serials are broadcast on icons every day, only a few series is united among fans.


One of the most admired by fans is the desire to be aired on Vijay TV. Preeta reddy is playing the role of Piruthi in the series, which is aired with a very realistic storyline.

While she is acting in this serial as one of the heroines, her performance has been well received by fans. It is his nature to talk about what is in mind, rather than thinking of meena and Rohini. This has made his character more interesting.

Preeta reddy, not only in this serial, is also playing the role of Akshaya as the hero of the Inia series which is aired on sun TV. Prior to this, Preeta reddy had acted in some serials, but this serial was a good famous.

It is also said that she is now in the end of the sun tv series as she is struggling to act simultaneously in both serials, Inia and the desire.

Preeta reddy has decided to quit the sun tv series, which was the first to give her a good rating in the TRP and gets good rating in the TRP. It is reported that the announcement will be made soon

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