Sai Dharam Tej and director sampath Nandi collaborated on the esteemed movie Gaanja Shankar. The first glimpse of the movie has already been released, and everyone is eagerly awaiting more information. There are many rumours, nevertheless, that the project's creators abandoned it. The telangana Anti Narcotics Board delivered notifications to the film unit in the midst of all of this.
 Citing worries that it celebrates drug use and sales, the telangana Anti Narcotics Bureau asked the film unit to change the film's title and plot. They issued a thorough letter outlining their worries in the same regard. Notifications have been issued to sampath Nandi, Sai Dharam Tej, and S naga Vamshi, the film's producer.

The letters said that the NDPS Act may impose penalties for noncompliance with these modifications. Sai Soujanya, Trivikram's spouse, is also involved in the project's production. Fortune Four Cinemas and sithara Entertainments are the production companies for the movie. To yet, the film unit has not replied to these notices. Producer naga Vamsi, director sampath Nandi, and actor sai dharam tej have all received notifications from the telangana State Anti Narcotics Bureau. The Ganja shankar movie title has offended the establishment, which has requested that they not display any images of drug use.

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