Shriya Saran, the classic beauty, has thrilled her admirers with photos from her magazine cover shot for the 2024 calendar published by "My South Diva" magazine. She looks stunning in the pictures wearing a white saree and a sleeveless top, accessorized with matching jewelry. In the immaculate white attire, Shriya looks lovely with her hair flowing freely. 
The Chatrapati heroine, who effortlessly radiates beauty and elegance while adopting sensual positions for the camera, demonstrates that age is only a number.

Actor shriya saran and her spouse Andrei Koscheev have been in the news for their sweet kissing custom that they follow to every function they go together. saran informs us that Kiss Day, observed during Valentine's Week, was originally intended to be a jest. Every relationship has its share of happy and difficult moments. I recall Andrei had travelled all the way from thane for a premiere, and he was exhausted. I was also feeling under the weather. He just kissed me because I was anxious, but he was there for me and I was there for him. He was enough charming to put me at ease. Stay tuned for more updates.

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