The movie "Operation valentine," starring megahero varun Tej, is scheduled to premiere on march 1st. It has already been delayed twice. The film's release was delayed for post-production problems including sound design and visual effects. Rumors regarding his next film also surfaced as a result of Operation Valentine's release being delayed.

According to reports, varun signed on to work on the highly anticipated film "Matka," which has a retro aesthetic. Recently, ram talluri of SRT Entertainment joined up with the previously established Wyra production business to fund the film, which was directed by Karuna Kumar of Palasa fame. But there were whispers that the movie was probably going to be scrapped because of financial difficulties. Finally, the star varun Tej clarifies the rumors in an official statement.

"We have already spent 35 days filming the movie. ram talluri Garu joined as a producing partner for the movie since we have a good relationship. I'll be returning to the filming of Operation valentine when I finish off my promos. varun Tej stated, "The film is neither over budgeted nor stalled," in an interview with on sunday morning. Stay tuned for more updates.

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