These days, practically everything is subjected to harsh internet trolling as the majority of trollers like spreading negativity and simply forget about morality and ethics. And that's exactly what ex-heroine ayesha takia claims after being fat shamed the other day for posing for pictures at an airport.

Turns out there are no other relevant concerns in the nation except critiquing my appearance, says the heroine of Nagarjuna's "Super" movie, who rose to viral stardom back then in Tollywood, in a message shared on her social media account. I'm inundated with absurd, viral views about how I should and shouldn't have looked. "I have zero interest in doing any films or any comeback like people are saying," she continued. I'm content with my existence, never want to be in the spotlight, have no desire for fame, and wish to never be in a movie.

Ayesha confronted everyone who was fat-shaming her by using reason, stating that it is absurd to expect a girl who has been seen largely in her teens to still look the same after fifteen years. To further, she said that rather than telling a stunning, content woman that she doesn't look the way they intended, such negative individuals should just achieve better in life and be happy.  

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