Ajith fans have given a new varnish to Lyca, who is keeping a peaceful company without releasing the update of the film.

Ajith's 62nd film diligence was officially announced in May last year. Lyca has announced that the film will be directed by Ajith's birthday and that Anirudh will compose the film. It was only five months after the update was released. Last October, the shooting of diligence in azerbaijan began shooting.

Trisha is paired opposite ajith in the movie Virtue. Regina Kazandra also plays the lead role in the film, which plays Arav and arjun as the villain. Most of the shooting of the film ended in Azerbaijan. They are planning to carry out the remaining shoot in Chennai. The final shooting of the film is expected to begin soon.

Usually the update will not come so soon. Finally, fans were unhappy to buy updates of films such as strength and bravery. The same situation is currently prevailing for perseverance. Leica has not been released for the last 300 days. This has resulted in a new manner.

While ajith starrer ajith starred in Puducherry, some of the fans who came to the theater had brought a banner in their hands. In the banner, the title of the film is published in the title of the film, 300 day Achu, the film update Ennu. They also mentioned that Laika is missing, and the finders will be given the right to be honored. That banner is currently going viral on the internet

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