Dhanush's work is monstrous..!? nagarjuna in Awe..!?

 Dhanush's Captain Miller, released this year around Pongal, got rave reviews, but it ran without any loss in terms of collections. Following this, he is currently directing his 50th film Raayan. The film is produced by sun Pictures' Kalanithi Maran. Following this, Dhanush's 51st film was released with an official announcement last year. Accordingly, it is being produced under the direction of telugu director Shekhar Kamula and starring Dhanush. Currently, the shooting of the film is going on in Hyderabad. Since the film is a telugu film, nagarjuna is also committed along with him.
Also, rashmika is acting opposite Dhanush. All the scenes for these two have already been shot. dhanush and nagarjuna scenes are currently being shot. As these scenes are all sentimental, the two people are not bored with each other at the shooting spot. Those who are there are watching their performance without batting an eye. In that way, it is very realistic to the extent that the entire country cries after seeing their emotional scene. All those who were there watching his performance fell on their knees and described it as a monstrous performance.There is no doubt that dhanush will give a monstrous performance, and if there is another naga Arjuna, he will give his best and give a performance that suits him. So, according to the fact that the coming year will be a success for dhanush, Rayan and telugu films are being made.

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