It is not easy for outsiders to get work in bollywood and then make their mark. Artists who come from outside the film industry often do not have a godfather or any celebrity to guide them. However, amidst the increasing debate about nepotism in the industry, there are many outsider stars who have made their place in bollywood on the basis of their greatness. Among them, she is one such actress who had given more than a thousand auditions and faced many rejections before doing something big. This actress is none other than Shobhita Dhulipala.

Shobhita dhulipala gave 1000 interviews

Shobhita dhulipala started her career as a model in early 2010. The actress had no connection whatsoever with the entertainment or fashion industry. Shobhita participated in the 2013 Miss india contest and also became a finalist. During the Ideas of india Summit, an ABP program, Shobhita recalled how during that time she must have given more than a thousand interviews and faced many rejections.

She said, “I was not associated with the film world. My only entry point was through auditions. And after my senior year, I was modeling for a while. As a model, you also audition for AIDS...but I gave myself three years, and I auditioned. I must have given 1,000 auditions in my life.

Was rejected because of skin tone

In a throwback interview, Shobhita had revealed that she had to face rejection because of her skin tone. She had said, "When you first start out, everything is a battle. I am not from films. I remember being told many times during my advertising auditions that I was not 'fair'. I was straight. It was said to my face that I was not beautiful enough, like you see in advertisements.

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