In a recent interview, vicky kaushal talked candidly about her marriage to katrina Kaif. Vicky spilled the beans, calling katrina "home" and admitting that she made him feel "overtly romantic."
Vicky Kaushal appeared on GQ's cover. The actor told them during their conversation that in a marriage, "us" takes precedence above your own demands. Every choice we make needs to make sense for us both. Inner serenity only exists at that point. I would even argue that in the two and a half years after my marriage, I have matured significantly more than I did in the first 33 years of my life.

He said, "Imagine it's your day off," when asked about his married life with katrina Kaif. It pours rain outside. There is a lovely quiet that has descended, and nothing at all is causing you to mourn the past or feel afraid for the future. All you are is here. You are completely satisfied. That is what occurs when I am with her. I have no desire to rush someplace. It's the nicest sensation, that's all."

In addition, he disclosed that he feels at ease with katrina and that she not only makes him "romantic." "I used to think that the day I met someone with whom I could sit in silence for hours on end and not feel the silence, that was going to be my person," he continued. It's that sensation with Katrina. She is at home. There was always a heady exhilaration when we first started dating, and even after two and a half years of marriage, that sensation is still there. Furthermore, I have never been excessively romantic. However, she unites me."

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