Khushboo Sundar discussed her opinions about sandeep Reddy Vanga's most recent film, "Animal," in a frank manner. The actor-turned-politician said that her kids had advised her not to watch "Animal" during her speech at TV9's Witt: Female Protagonist - The New hero Summit. She also questioned the attitudes of those who contributed to the movie being one of the largest box office successes.
Khushboo Sundar began by saying that she had not seen "Animal" when asked if she had. She said, "But as a member of the National Commission for Women, I have seen a lot of cases of harassment, abuse, marital rape and even triple talak, despite it being illegal." "If a misogynistic film like Animal continues to bring in moolah and becomes one of the biggest box office grossing films, we need to think of the mindset of the people who make it a success," khushboo continued, dropping hints about the audience's mindset.

Khushboo added that she holds the audience accountable rather than the filmmaker, sandeep Reddy Vanga. "We had a serious problem with arjun reddy and Kabir Singh. However, I don't hold that against the filmmaker since, in his opinion, success is what matters. We use films to depict social issues. Though we preach about respecting women, people still watch these kinds of flicks. My girls shouldn't see the movie, in my opinion. However, they watched it because they were curious about the subject matter. When they returned, they begged their mother, Amma, not to watch the movie. When such films have a recurring audience, where are we going?', she said.

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