Anirudh is credited as the main reason behind the success of films like "Vikram," "Jailer," and "Jawan," earning him the reputation of a top music director in India. The anticipation for Anirudh's music is high, and fans have high hopes for his work in the upcoming movie "Devara," featuring Young tiger NTR and directed by koratala Siva.

The release date of "Devara" was initially scheduled for april 5, but it has been postponed to october 10. The delay is attributed to Anirudh not starting the full music works yet. There are speculations that if Anirudh completes the music for the movie, the release date might be preponed.

Film pundits mention that comments about Anirudh's influence on the film's postponement might have an impact on him. They emphasize the need for Anirudh to prove himself with "Devara" and counter the criticism. Anirudh's recent music for some movies did not receive as much acclaim as expected, making "Devara" a crucial project for him. The success of "Devara" and the reception of Anirudh's music will likely play a significant role in shaping perceptions and expectations for the talented music director in the telugu film industry.

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