Bahubali hero spending lakhs in rented house..!?

A single film Baahubali took Prabhas' career to another level. He is famous globally and has been branded as a pan-India hero. So much so that he is acting in big-budget films. Despite its successive failures, the recent release of Salaar has set the record high. Although there are some criticisms for this, the film indeed gave prabhas a good opening. After this, he has now finished acting in Kalki.
Starring amitabh bachchan, Kamal, deepika Padukone, and others, the film will release on May 9. The film, which has been made on a budget of nearly 600 crores, has huge expectations. prabhas has also received a huge salary for this film. That is why now he has poured lakhs even for a rented house. prabhas has now gone to london to take a rest after completing the shooting of Kalki.There he rented a house instead of staying in a hotel. Because there is no expected privacy. Accordingly, the monthly rent of the house where he is currently staying is only 60 lakhs. This has raised the eyebrows of many people. As if society is a big place, the film world is surprised to see the Baahubali hero who spends so many lakhs on a rented house.

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