Aamir-Kiran: This is why son azad should not be shocked by the news of divorce..., another revelation from kiran about separation from Aamir

Director kiran rao is in the news these days for his film 'Missing Ladies'. As the release dates of the film are coming to light, the excitement about this film seems to be increasing among the audience. Currently, the makers and star cast are busy promoting this film. director kiran returns to the director's chair after 11 years with Missing Ladies. In a recent interview, kiran talked about her personal and professional life. During this, she also openly discussed her divorce from superstar Aamir Khan.

It is noteworthy that aamir khan and kiran rao ended their 16-year marriage in the year 2021. However, even after this, there was no rift in their relationship. Aamir and kiran were seen together on many occasions. Recently, kiran rao was present at the wedding of Aamir's daughter Ayra, while they also continued working together. aamir khan is associated with the film 'Laapta Ladies as a producer. They are also seen together in the promotion of the film. During this time, the former couple is also talking openly about their divorce.

In a recent interview, kiran said, 'Aamir handled this divorce in such a way that it did not have any bad effect on our 12-year-old son azad Rao Khan. We managed to maintain good relations with each other after the divorce. At that time we decided that now we have to separate and end our relationship in the eyes of society. We took this thing in stride because we did not want azad to face any problems or shock due to the end of this relationship and its public announcement.

Recently, in another interview, aamir khan shared an interesting anecdote, in which he told what shortcomings he has as a husband. Aamir had said, 'One day in the evening we were sitting together. I asked kiran what was lacking in me as a husband. What can I improve in my life? After this, kiran made me write 15-20 points and asked me to improve on them. Currently, Aamir and kiran are busy promoting 'Lapata Ladies'. The film stars Nitanshi Goyal, Pratibha Ranta, Sparsh Srivastava, and ravi kishan in lead roles. The screenplay and dialogues of the film have been written by sneha Desai. This film will be released in theaters on march 1.

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