sameera reddy has worked from bollywood to South film industry. But amid all this she found herself becoming a victim of body shaming. From her dark complexion to her weight, she has faced a lot of trolling. But she has always talked openly about this. Once again the actress has shared her experience of body shaming and told how she used to take risks to maintain herself.

While talking to E-Times, sameera reddy admitted that she has many times risked her mental and physical health to maintain herself in a perfect shape. She says, 'I took risks with my mental and physical health many times. I did strange things, like trying fad diets and working out continuously after shooting. Whatever I did then has now resulted in hormonal imbalance.

'In a competitive market, you do what you...'

Sameera says that with increasing age comes consequences and now she is regretting the paths she has chosen. He said, 'At that time I did not think I had any other option and in a competitive market you do what you feel is right because you believe it is necessary.'

Insecurities had increased after becoming an actress

Sameera further says, 'As a teenager, I was a fat girl, who felt different from what I considered 'beautiful'. All young girls struggle with the definition of being beautiful and after becoming an actress, my insecurities increased a hundred times. It reached the point where I hated myself.

Comparison was made with sisters

sameera reddy says that people used to compare her with her sisters. people used to ask whether she is really the real sister of sushma and Meghna. This was because sushma and Medhana were thin and beautiful, whereas Sameera had dark complexion and was overweight.

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