After nearly five years as an actress in motion pictures, janhvi kapoor is now attempting stand-up comedy. Janhvi is seen attempting humour in a new commercial that was posted on the "I Pledge To Prevent" social media accounts. She describes herself as a "aspiring comedian."

"You have to be a little kind with a first time performance, which some of you weren't with my debut film," she continues. Although the brief teaser doesn't reveal much about Janhvi's comedic role, the entire video, which releases on february 29, promises more humour. The film, titled "Leap, Laugh & Learn," was produced in association with the HPV prevention group. The footage was also uploaded on Serum Institute India's instagram account.

The last time janhvi kapoor was spotted with varun dhawan was in the highly controversial Nitesh Tiwari film Bawaal. Her character makes the statement, "we're all a little like Hitler," in a sequence that was heavily ridiculed. Because of its general perspective on the Holocaust, which was seen to "trivialise the tragedy," the Simon Wiesenthal Centre requested that the movie be banned.
The next film Janhvi appears in alongside jr ntr is Devara. She will also appear in Mr. and Mrs. mahi with Rajkummar Rao. In addition to these two films, Janhvi is scheduled to appear in Sunny Sanskari Ki Tulsi Kumari, varun dhawan and shashank Khaitan's upcoming project.

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