Ranbir Kapoor's crime-revenge movie Animal was a big box office success in 2023. It drew criticism for portraying a poisonous and overly male plot, while viewers had conflicting opinions about it, with some adoring and others loathing it. Recently, prominent politician and actor Khushbu Sundar voiced her worries about Animal and how, despite its contentious story, it turned into a box office success.

Khushbu recently raised worries over Animal's enormous success in her Summit program. "I'd like to start by saying that I haven't seen the movie Animal because it's not my kind of movie," she stated. We should consider the attitudes of those who go and watch films like Animal if it is one of the most grossing pictures at the box office. We were having a serious problem with kabir singh even before then. I don't hold that against the filmmaker since I believe that success is what matters to him.

She expressed her dismay and questioned why people, especially the younger generation, go out of their way to see a certain kind of movie in theatres. And they're all young, she added. These are youthful, intelligent people. Yes, we adore the movie. "Guys, what's going on in your minds?" I exclaim.

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