Since its announcement, gautham Vasudev Menon's much-anticipated project dhruva Natchathiram has been making headlines. Due to cost concerns, the film, which was initially announced in 2013, encountered significant financial difficulties.  Eventually, after conquering several obstacles, the movie's release date was declared; sadly, the theatrical release of the picture is still pending. Recently, filmmaker GVM has discussed his project and the challenges he and his crew have been encountering.

The presenter of Film Companion South questioned gautham about his feelings when his eagerly anticipated production was set for release and something went wrong at the last minute. After a little pause, gautham remarked, "It was heartbreaking." I was exhibiting a restlessness that truly concerned my family. My spouse, who had never shown concern for my professional life, deliberately dedicated 20 to 25 days to spend with me. since she was able to recognize that I had a serious health issue.

He continued by describing the emotional load as something akin to perpetual sinking and hollowness. In spite of his first wish to travel and write, he was forced to deal with the fallout from the movie's non-release. He disclosed that the film's unanticipated release in theatres caused him further difficulties as he now had to account to new investors. gautham stated, "We had to add them to the list of already existing investors," in closing. It was a bad dream. But I'm excited about my movie, Joshua, which releases in a few more days.

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