Rahul Sankirtyan is one of the most gifted telugu filmmakers. shyam Singha Roy, his last movie, starred natural star nani in the title role. Despite the movie's great box office success, the filmmaker has not yet revealed his next project. rahul was slow to react to SSR's release.
Rahul is now working on a historical drama, according to the most recent rumors circulating in the telugu cinema industry. The project's brilliant director is working on a script and hopes to enlist Nandamuri Balakrishna. Balakrishna has been working on typical commercial potboilers for a while now, but he also plans to make other sorts of films. rahul and balakrishna get along well, and it appears that they have reached a consensus on a story that is set against the backdrop of the era.
There have allegedly been negotiations about the project for a while, and once the script is completed, there may be an official confirmation. However, balakrishna is presently directing a movie under the direction of KS Ravindra. The filmmaker has enormous ideas for this forthcoming production, and right now it's in the strong script development phase. rahul is really excited to work with Nandamuri balakrishna, a well-liked actor in telugu film who is renowned for his variety of roles. balakrishna is keen to push into different genres outside his regular commercial projects with a strong lineup. He is now working on a film directed by KS Ravindra.

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