In the inaugural episode of her unique health podcast, queen bee samantha Ruth Prabhu and Toronto-based expert Alkesh discuss the autoimmune ailment that has been plaguing her for the past two years. Many topics pertaining to people's autoimmune conditions were covered in this video interview.

In response to Samantha's inquiries, Alkesh said that an autoimmune illness develops when there is an imbalance between toxic intake and detox output. samantha admitted to feeling bad during the conversation because she thought her healthy diet, regular exercise, and other excellent habits would never lead to health problems. Even with such a healthy lifestyle, auto-immune diseases might still arise because of excessive work-related stress and inadequate sleep.

According to samantha and Alkesh in the podcast, it appears to be an auto-immune disease where the immune system in our body begins attacking healthy cells. This illness may be brought on by anything from the air we breathe to the cosmetics we wear. However, samantha laughs nervously when Alkesh emphasises the word cosmetics, suggesting something. Now, the actress will be visiting VIT university on march 3, 2024 and the news was officially confirmed by the VIT university social media handles as well.

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