The main actor stunned his fans by visiting germany at a time when rumours are circulating that allu arjun and sukumar had resolved to not take a vacation till "Pushpa 2" filming is over. As sukumar and the rest of the actors finish up filming this scene, bunny attended the 74th Berlinale, the Berlin international Film Festival, and gave a presentation of the film "Pushpa."

Many people are curious as to why allu arjun and his producer Mythri ravi shankar had to leave the filming of pushpa 2 to travel to Berlin, Germany. There are rumours that pushpa 2's creators genuinely hope to profit from the worldwide frenzy that pushpa caused. By presenting pushpa at that film festival, they want to locate european distributors who will acquire and release the picture in their native tongues. Attending several film festivals is necessary to locate these distributors, and allu arjun and his producers seem to be headed in the right direction at the moment.

Pushpa: The Rule, also known as pushpa 2, is already scheduled for distribution in four to five languages in India. However, filmmaker sukumar intends to pursue a wide international release in several more languages. Nevertheless, Pushpa's Russian release hasn't done so well, so we'll have to wait and watch how pushpa 2 is conceived and embraced.

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