Directing and making a success out of these jubilee films is a whole different ballgame than composing a blockbuster. This is an intriguing perspective on the approaching 50th film for the gifted actor dhanush, "Raayan."
As we've recently shown, most superstars struggle to achieve significant success with their jubilee films. This was the case with Venkatesh, who, with his 75th film, Saindhav, failed to generate a tremendous hit. Not even Nani's 25th film, V, was a hit. And many are curious as to who is scripting and directing Dhanush's upcoming 50th film.

Remarkably, dhanush has assumed the role of director and writer once more. In the past, dhanush only made a brief appearance in films he directed, such as Pa Paandi. Later on, he penned the screenplays but did not direct films like Naane Varuvan and VIP 2. That's what makes Dhanush's 50 unique, but it's also dangerous since strong heroes sometimes overlook other characters while they're leading the charge.
Will dhanush demonstrate his uniqueness and become one of the exceptional heroes who have helmed their own blockbusters, like ajay Devgan and prithviraj Sukumaran? Time alone will provide an answer! Let's wait!

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