After the films 'Silanthi', 'Ranatandra' and 'Arua Chanda', the film 'Ninaivellam Neeyada' released last friday under the direction of director Adhirajan.

With the pride of being the 1417th film composed by music composer Ilayaraja, the film released as a beautiful romantic epic has greatly impressed the fans.

Brajin has played the lead role. Manisha Yadav, Yuvalakshmi and Sinamika are the heroines and Rohit has played another hero. Manobala, Madhumitha, director RV Udayakumar, Muthuraman, PL Thenappan and Ranjan Kumar are playing the main characters.

Not all films released focusing on school memories get well received by the fans.. but director Adhirajan has given the perfect combination of 'Ninaivellam Neyada' to touch the hearts of the fans.

In this situation, recently the special screening of the film was seen by celebrities including director Kathir and actor Sambhatram. director Kathir says, “This is a movie that I enjoyed watching after a long time. The scenes at the school are enjoyable," he said.

Actor Sambhatram says, “Students of the 90s are standing before our eyes. Like the movie 96, this movie fascinates us in another way. It is to be noted that this film has been produced by Royal Babu on behalf of Lega Theaters.

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