Thalapathy Vijay has already set foot in politics, following him... is actor Prashanth also threatening the Prime Minister? A doubt has arisen.


Son of famous producer and actor Thiagarajan, Prashanth made his debut with the 1990 film 'Vaikasi Porandachu'. After his first film was well received, he acted in several romantic films including Varna Varna Pokam, Sembaruthi, Unakakh Navanen, Pashgke Vada Patu, Rasa Makan, Kanmani.

At a time when leading actors like Vijay-Ajith were struggling for success, prashant gave his subsequent success through romantic films like Assault.

His last super duper successful film was the 2002 film Ishita. Despite acting in a few films successively...till now, he could not give even a hit film.

Problems in his married life also caused him to turn down many film opportunities. While actor Prashant's hero-starrer Andagan is yet to be released, he is next seen in the lead role in Kot with Thalapathy Vijay.

While prashant is far behind in the film industry, is he now making a foray into politics? There is a rumor that there is a suspicion that Actor prashant visited and provided welfare assistance to a thousand people from Nellai and Thoothukudi districts who were already affected by the rains and floods.

Following this, actor Prashanth gave turbans to 50 motorists in Palayamgottai and created awareness. He said that driving without helmets leads to many deaths in accidents and he insisted that helmets should be worn to avoid such casualties.

Is prashant helping through his forum... with a political motive? Fans are asking questions. Will prashant, who joined Vijay in the film, also join politics? Let's wait and see.

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