Actor bellamkonda sai sreenivas is one of the best in the business. Having come into the movie theatre with a background in film, Sreenivas experienced both highs and lows. It took him five years to become a major hit with the movie Rakshasudu, even though he made his debut with Alludu Srinu. He developed his reputation and increased in market worth gradually.
The element of surprise in his career has been creating a market for his Hindi-dubbing flicks. He mostly tried to make action pictures and commercial films with lots of fighting, so the hindi public could easily relate to them. Sreenivas now established a new record in the same.

Even Bellamkonda's unsuccessful flicks received a tonne of views on YouTube. His movie kavacham has received over 830 million views across various platforms, while his hindi joint project Jaya Janaki Nayaka, which he co-wrote with boyapati srinu, has amassed over 800 million views to date. In hindi, his movie Sita, which also starred Kajal Aggarwal, received 650 million views.
Every movie is available for successful YouTube streaming. Remarkably, no other performer from india is even close to accomplishing this accomplishment. He tried to adapt chatrapathi in hindi to capitalize on this popularity, but the endeavor was unsuccessful. Still, Sreenivas can pull a surprise by earning a North Belt box office figure with a strong storyline. He only needs a suitable script.

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