Sukumar was first introduced by renowned producer dil raju with Arya, and he went on to become one of telugu cinema's best directors. sukumar established sukumar Writings, and under his label, he has been making concept-based films that feature his protégés. Years later, sukumar and dil raju worked again on the intriguing film Selfish, which starred ashish, dil Raju's nephew, in the title role. 

With this film, Sukumar's assistant kasi is directing for the first time, and more than half of the shooting has been completed. The movie has been postponed while ashish finished "Love Me," his third picture, which is expected to be released in the summer. According to the update, after viewing the rough cut, dil raju and sukumar made the decision to shelve Selfish.

Despite investing more than Rs 12.5 crores on the movie, dil raju was not pleased with the result. Selfish has been delayed since sukumar and dil raju have agreed to work together on one more movie shortly. Recently, ashish and Advitha were joined in marriage in jaipur during a destination wedding. He will shortly be promoting love Me, which opens on april 27. Stay tuned for more updates.

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