Popular YouTuber Shanmukh Jaswanth's arrest became widely reported. According to prior reports, Shanmukh was arrested in connection with a narcotics case when police went to his home to apprehend his brother sampath Vinay in connection with a woman's infidelity complaint. Attorney: Dileep sunkara, a supporter of janasena, took over as Shanmukh's attorney and discussed Shanmukh's case with the media today. dileep claims that Shanmukh has no connection to the aforementioned accusations, based on the testimony of witnesses and Shanmukh's father.

When questioned by authorities about his brother's location, he refused to comply, so they took him into jail just to question him more. Dileep sunkara explained that investigations into the other claims making the rounds in the media have not yet been completed.
Dileep sunkara has been an outspoken advocate for janasena and a loud participant in andhra pradesh politics. Claiming to be Shanmukh Jaswanth's attorney in the matter, kalyan Dileep sunkara disclosed that he is investigating it. Dileep sunkara asserts to possess all the evidence regarding Shanmukh's location.

Dileep sunkara, in response to a complaint against sampath Vinay, states that they were romantically involved since 2016 but ended things. dileep goes on to claim that while the daughter filed a lawsuit, the parents are still uninvolved. Shanmukh's firm has been working with Dileep sunkara as its legal counsel. It is said that dileep has known Shanmukh for the last four years.

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