Vishwak Sen, known for his penchant for unique concepts, is set to dazzle the audience with his upcoming film "Gami," directed by Vidyadhar Kagita. The movie, categorized as an adventure drama, has already generated considerable anticipation with its distinctive storyline. The recently released trailer provides a glimpse into the intriguing narrative, revealing that the protagonist, portrayed by Vishwak Sen, grapples with a rare condition that renders him unable to feel human touch. 

His quest for a cure takes him from Haridwar to the Himalayas, adding an adventurous layer to the plot. The trailer sets the stage for a thought-provoking cinematic experience, with Vishwak Sen's character undertaking a journey of self-discovery. The concept of Devadasi is also highlighted, offering a unique perspective that hasn't been explored on the silver screen before.

 Vishwak Sen's portrayal of the character Aghora is commendable, and the supporting cast, including Chandini Chaudhary, Abhinaya, Mohammed Samad, and harika Pedada, contributes to the movie's richness. director Vidyadhar Kagita's meticulous storytelling is evident in the trailer, and the visuals are striking, adding to the overall appeal of "Gami." The film, produced by karthik Sabarish and presented by v Celluloid banner, is scheduled for a worldwide release on march 8, promising audiences an engaging and unique cinematic experience.

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