For a long time now, there have been allegations in the media that vijay deverakonda and rashmika mandanna are dating. Nonetheless, they don't comment on rumours. Fans' belief that rashmika is actually dating vijay deverakonda is being sparked by her most recent tweet. Recently, Rashmika's fan page tweeted about the characteristics a potential husband should possess.

She is India's National Crush. Her spouse needs to be unique. Her spouse ought to resemble VD. Very Daring, that is. who is able to keep her safe. The tweet stated, "If her spouse is to be treated like a king, then we consider her to be a queen." In the tweet, the word "VD" alluded to Vijay Deverakonda. rashmika answered in the same way, saying, "That's very true." Fans are now believing that she and Vijay are a couple because of her response. It remains to be seen whether Vijay or rashmika will cease these rumours in the near future.

Rashmika Mandanna is said to have had psychological difficulty soon after making her film debut due to her breakup with rakshit shetty, a kannada actor, with whom she became engaged but chose not to marry. In a recent interview, rakshit shetty provided a composed and direct response when questioned about the challenging part.

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