One of the most well-known figures in South indian cinema, anirudh ravichander has on a few instances used his musical talents to salvage a movie all by himself. Devara in tollywood is his upcoming major role, and it carries especially high risks. But lately, there has been an excessive amount of negative publicity about Anirudh on social media, with rumours that he is holding up Devara's musical projects. A campaign of disapproval claims that Anirudh is the cause of Devara's delay.

Although the inner workings of the company are not readily apparent to the outer world, Anirudh does not like for these unfavourable public relations to be linked to such a successful pan-Indian movie as Devara. Although there can never be any doubt about Anirudh's musical talent, these unfavourable reports regarding his work ethic are not worth listening to.

Furthermore, it is bad publicity for the movie to suggest that Anirudh's delay is the cause of Devara's postponement. Putting the movie's lead song out is one method to stop this story from continuing. Naturally, there are great expectations as well, but team Devara and Anirudh personally have the responsibility to put an end to this trash talk.

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