The much-awaited film starring Shah Rukh Khan and rajkumar hirani received mixed reviews in theatres, but it is clearly quite popular at home based on the amount of hours it is being viewed. Dunki spends its second consecutive week on the Netflix worldwide top 10 non-english films list, with 11,100,000 hours seen and 4.2 million views in the week ending february 25. The official numbers of the top 10 non-english global movie titles were just announced by Netflix.

Global Top 10 Non-English Films on Netflix between february 19th – 25th:

1. The Abyss
2. Through My Window3 Looking at You
3. Dunki – 11,100,000 Hours watched and 4,200,000 views
4. Kill Me If You Dare
5. Bhakshak
6. Ashes
7. Society of the Snow
8. Through My Window 2: Across the sea
9. Through My Window
10. The Heartbreak Agency

The total number of hours spent watching Dunki on Netflix within a two-week period is 24,100,000 hours. In addition, Dunki is trending on Netflix in twenty-one countries, ranking #1 in eight of them. Raju Hirani and Shah Rukh's enchanted duo is doing wonders for Netflix. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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