Since february is typically thought of as Tollywood's "dry season," hardly many noteworthy films have been released in this month this year. If February's box office figures are any indication, this month has been dull and unsatisfactory. The Ambajipeta marriage Band's release was the first noteworthy one of the month. Due of its narrow appeal, this social drama was unable to achieve any remarkably high ratings. Lal Salaam, which technically qualifies as a Rajinikanth starrer due to his role in the movie, came after it. In addition to the box office performance, very few people were aware that this movie had been released.

Yatra 2 is a propaganda biography that the public flatly rejected. Before the polls, it was a kind of shock to the ruling party. Eagle, the most noteworthy film of the month, was a letdown at the box office despite having a respectable action sequence and little drama. Ooru peru Bhairavakona also failed because of its poor presentation, even though it had the potential to connect with the telugu public, which is now drawn to mystical movies.
All of these films had extremely poor box office totals combined, with none of them even achieving notable box office results. Since february has been quiet, march is now expected to step up, with Operation valentine being released on march 1st. Will Tollywood's box office shine return with this film? All we can do is watch and wait.

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