Actor alok nath, popularly known as 'Sanskari Babuji' in hindi cinema, is currently maintaining distance from the industry. Allegations were leveled against the actor during the metoo movement. After this he stopped getting work and was not seen in any film or show again. alok nath was last seen in the film De De Pyar De. This film was released in 2019.

Now actress Narayani Shastri has reacted regarding Aloknath. In the interview given to siddharth Kanan, he also talked about the experience of working with Alok Nath. The actress called him her favorite co-actor.

Regarding working with Aloknath, Narayani said- 'I like him very much. I was hurt by the allegations against him. He was my very favorite co-actor. I have never enjoyed working as much as he did. And my personal experience of working with them has been that there were 5 girls in our unit. He gave us a lot of respect. We used to have so many parties together, at Alok ji's house. Yes, he used to drink a little too much, but he never misbehaved. Whatever else happened in his life, I don't think I should comment on it.

'Treated me like a daughter'

Narayani said, 'He was a very gentleman. They treated me like daughters. When the allegations were made against him, I tried to connect with him, but he did not pick up the phone. Yes, but I had talked to him some time ago. He was very shocked because the conversation had happened after a long time. He is a little heartbroken. He was very good to me, is good and will always be. There was never any need for glycerine while working with him. It was done by saying 'Babuji-Babuji'. Let us tell you that alok nath and Narayani Shastri were seen together in the show Piya Ka Ghar.

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