"Eagle," which stars mass Raja Raviteja, has finally taken flight after battling to land a big deal. It was stated that the movie was having trouble negotiating with other OTT outlets and couldn't get the pricing point it wanted. While the film didn't live up to expectations in cinemas, this delay has worried some fans who are anxious to view it online.
The film's acquisition by etv Win, a rapidly expanding telugu OTT platform, provides much-needed respite to both the film's creators and enthusiasts. The acquisition by etv Win is encouraging since it shows that the platform thinks the film has promise and is prepared to pay a reasonable price. The specifics of the agreement are still unknown, but "Eagle" fans are excited about the news.

Although the exact OTT debut date is still unknown, fans can now feel secure knowing that "Eagle" will eventually take to the air and land on their little and mobile displays. Many, meanwhile, are perplexed as to why Eagle and Saindhav, two of ETV's most recent buys, aren't critically praised flicks. However, the lack of interest in these films in cinemas might make them extremely popular on over-the-top platforms.

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