Even though his films are primarily big-budget commercial entertainment, youthful hero Bellamkonda Sai srinivas hasn't found much respite at the box office despite starting on a high note. Now, he is developing "Tyson Naidu," directed by Sagar K Chandra of bheemla nayak fame. Although Bellamkonda has signed a new project, there is an intriguing development regarding another film that is currently undershooting.

"Chaavu Kaburu Challaga," the director Pegallapati Koushik's debut film, failed at the box office despite having a novel concept and a unique approach to romance. Additionally, Bellamkonda is reported to have been much pleased by the new-age horror thriller that the filmmaker wrote. A few days ago, a new movie deal was made, and according to insiders, filming might begin shortly. It appears like Bellamkonda is attempting to create something original and stepping away from the cosy commercial genre. I hope it's not going to be a typical humorous horror.
In contrast, we'll have to wait and watch how Bellamkonda's Tyson Naidu, which stars him as a police officer, does at the box office. director Pegallapati Koushik debuted with the “Chaavu Kaburu Challaga” movie which didn’t click at the box office though it has a new theme and the way romance was handled differently.

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