Nobody could have predicted the amazing standard that Prashanth Neel's Salaar has set. prithviraj Sukumaran and prabhas starred in this film, which enthralled the crowd and turned multiplexes into vibrant stadiums. Viewers from all around the world praised the movie's technical aspects, which truly stood out. Have you ever wondered who made Salaar's breathtaking cinematography?

The individual may not be well-known, but his contributions are profound. The gifted photographer bhuvan Gowda is the guy behind the camera for several classic films, such as the Salaar and kgf series. Following the enormous success of his most recent effort, bhuvan posted a behind-the-scenes photo from Salaar on his official instagram account. He thanked everyone for helping to create such a magnificent environment in a heartfelt caption.

He also gave special recognition to the forward-thinking technicians and performers who kept improving the project every day. Using his camera to capture their essence, bhuvan expressed his adoration for "Prabhas Sir, prithviraj Sir, Shruti, and the entire star cast." He conveyed his happiness at working with Hombale Films and his director, Prashanth Neel, constantly to produce timeless film. He has a particular place in his heart for Salaar, and he is very excited about Shouryanga Parvam, his upcoming endeavor. On december 22, 2023, Salaar Part 1: Ceasefire was released in theatres.

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