Gautham Vasudev menon : Joshua is the movie released yesterday by famous director gautham Vasudev Menon. Popular actor varun has played the lead role in this film.

"Joshua - Imai Pol Kakka" is the film that hit the screens today after almost two years of waiting in the production of wales Film International. In this movie, bigg boss varun is playing the lead role and many leading actors have played the lead roles.

Director gautham Vasudev menon, who has been involved in the promotion of this film for the past few days, has released an interesting information. It is noteworthy that Vikram's "Dhuruva Nakshatram", which was already directed by him, is yet to release.

In this case, in his movie dhruva nakshatram and in the movie Joshua, famous host Divyadarshini has played an important role. Meanwhile, in a scene in the movie Joshua, when talking about Divyadarshini, how was his former life? He was working with a large group and had one leader in the movie Joshua.

But while the film is yet to release, gautham Vasudev menon has now revealed that he removed the scene from Joshua just a few days before the film's release, as the scenes would not connect properly.

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