Of course, speculations are common in the film industry, but occasionally, a few stories really catch moviegoers off guard. One such piece of news is that telugu film producers are paying close attention to sakshi Vaidya, the heroine of "Agent," even though her first two films, Agent and Gandeevadari Arjuna, were box office failures. The most recent is that she will be the lead actress in Raviteja's next film. This is the explanation.

Sakshi Vaidya has reportedly signed on to star in mass Raja's next movie, which is being produced by sithara Entertainment's naga Vamsi and directed by Anudeep of Jathiratnalu fame. Rukmini Vasanth, of Sapta Saagaraalu Daati fame, is the lone heroine in the film, as we previously exclusively disclosed. Our well-placed sources have now verified this. There is no truth to the allegations that sakshi Vaidya is starring in this film.

However, Raviteja is reported to have begun filming the film in silence and to have spent a few days filming. sakshi Vaidya is now negotiating to star in Sharwanand's next film, Samajavaragamana, which is being directed by ram Abbaraju. watch out this space for more updates in this regard.

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