The teenage heroine anshu Ambani quickly became the talk of the town when Nagarjuna's "Manmadhudu" opened in cinemas back in 2002. She is a part of Prabhas' raghavendra later on and has gained a great deal of popularity and fandom. But anshu abruptly left the film business, leaving no trace behind, and surfaced online a few years ago. She is currently back in hyderabad looking for opportunities.

Many people are curious as to why the stunning young woman, who was 16 at the time, departed tollywood without even turning around. Speaking on the same subject, Anshu, an nri who was born and raised in London, UK, said that she felt compelled to return and finish her education due to circumstances and peer pressure. 

"I'm new here, and nobody looks out for me except my father. Back then, there were no teams made up of managers and PRs. Many filmmakers found it challenging to get in touch with me via my dad's network, and even among us, there was a sense of pressure. That's the reason I returned to London, completed my coursework, and subsequently began practicing therapy," anshu stated.

We will have to wait and watch whether Anshu's formal return to tollywood happens soon, since she is now offering interviews to media people in hyderabad and wants to return to the film industry.

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