Filmmakers wishing to film in army camps or based on actual occurrences using the indian defence system must obtain the necessary permits from the minister of Defence (MoD). Eighteen scripts for films based on the Pulwama incident were rejected by the MoD from different production firms. Nonetheless, they gave their approval to varun Tej's Operation valentine since they were persuaded by the film's genuine approach and narrative.

By granting permission to shoot at a highly guarded air force facility in Gwalior, they have demonstrated their support. For about 40 days, a significant portion of the film was shot at the air Force installation in Gwalior, with full backing from the authorities. Following the publication of the trailer, which has received over 20 million views to date, Operation valentine became the most anticipated film to be seen in cinemas.

As an air Force pilot, varun Tej portrays a distinctive persona. He plays the character brilliantly because of his looks. Apart from his physique, there aren't many memorable scenes in the film. In her tollywood debut, Manushi Chhillar lands a part that suits her contemporary demeanour. That being said, nothing about her performance stands out as especially noteworthy. The primary couple's romantic track isn't strong enough. navdeep has a minor part that doesn't really do much. Ineffective parts were given to sampath Raj, Ruhani Sharma, Paresh Pahuja, Shataf Figar, and ali Reza.

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