Ram Charan is winning hearts online for his sweet gesture for his wife upasana Konidela. In a video which has gone viral online, ram charan could be seen rubbing Upasana’s feet and giving her a foot massage on an aeroplane. While flying to Jamnagar in Gujrat, ram charan helped his wife relax as upasana closed her eyes and took some rest.

The video of the celebrity couple has surfaced on the microblogging site Reddit. In the video, ram charan looked out of the plane’s window as he gave upasana a foot massage. He was dressed in black casual clothing. Meanwhile, upasana was dressed in a dark blue outfit, paired with a jacket. Recently, upasana konidela made headlines when she spoke about wanting another baby with ram Charan. “I made a choice to have a kid late in life, and I don’t regret it at all. That was my choice; that was my thing to do. And I’m ready for round two whenever my doctor is. My health, my choice,” upasana said, as quoted

Ram Charan and upasana Kamineni konidela became proud parents to a baby girl in june 2023 i.e. after 11 years of their marriage. The couple named their daughter Klin Kaara and later revealed that it was chosen by her grandparents. “With the blessings of the Chenchu tribal Goddess Bhauramma Devi, we introduce our beloved granddaughter Klin Kaara Konidela. Taken from the Lalitha Sahasranamam the name signifies a transformative, purifying energy that brings about a spiritual awakening lots of love Surekha, Shobana, chiranjeevi and Anil,” the rrr actor had written while announcing his daughter’s name.

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