The other day, the trailer for Vishwak Sen's Gaami was released, and its technological skill was highly praised. social media users' early reactions to the trailer suggest that, despite having been produced on a very little budget, the movie has a very strong visual presentation. Here's the explanation for why this teaser has put two celebrities under the spotlight: vijay deverakonda and Prabhas.

First off, internet users are pointing out that whereas Prabhas's Adipurush, which had almost limitless resources, produced one of the worst visual experiences, Vishwak, with the director of Gaami, produced such a stunning VFX integration (in the teaser) on a restricted budget and resources. prabhas is being called out for his lack of attention to detail and attention to quality on his movies by Gaami, a low-budget movie that has better visual effects and appeal than Adipurush.
Regarding Vijay Deverakonda, some have commented that he has completely embraced the commercial world and hasn't experimented with new age flicks, unlike his peers Vishwak and Gaami. "You (Vijay) are saying iron eh vanchaala enti while your contemporaries are trying new avenues of cinema making," a netizen wrote in their remark. To be fair, Vijay's films have a higher budget and, as a result, are more commercially successful. As such, he has little to no opportunity to make really experimental blue pictures. However, there is a desire for him to venture into new endeavours outside these typical commercial pictures.

In the end, prabhas and Vijay D have been exposed by Gaami's trailer. This story could be continued if the movie succeeds in providing an enjoyable viewing experience in theatres.

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