Many producers started out in distribution and only launched a production company after learning every aspect of the film industry. That also applies to companies like dil raju and Mythri movie Makers. Distribution is more akin to rolling the dice, while production provides them complete control over the movie because they are familiar with the material. Typically, distributors cease releasing films after establishing a production business, however dil raju never did. This production house has since begun distributing films in the telugu states.

Mythri movie Makers recently dabbled with distribution and experienced both ends of the industry. Prabhas' Salaar, their maiden major project, did not receive positive reviews but fared decently for about a week. There is still confusion about the actual numbers from the Nizam region, although rumours circulate in distribution circles that Mythri suffered very few losses. However, if any other film had received the same unfavourable press, it undoubtedly would have been forgotten within a few days; fortunately, Mythri benefited because of Prabhas' notoriety.

Then the distribution business got the film HanuMan, which proved to be fairly fortunate during the Sankranthi season. Despite its uncomplicated plot, Mythri made a tidy profit at the box office because to its successful competition from films like guntur Kaaram.

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