In 2024, malayalam cinema took front stage with three outstanding films in a span of two months. Three distinct types of films—Premalu, Brahmayugam, and Manjummels Boys—all succeeded in keeping viewers confined to their seats in theatres. Many non-Malayalam viewers are already flocking to the cinemas to see these films. In the midst of all of this, Manjummel Boys, the suspenseful survival thriller, is scheduled for telugu release.

Manjummel Boys want to lock down the telugu version's release date of march 15th. In the movie Manjummel Boys, a group of friends from the town of Manjummel go to Kodaikanal, but when they decide to investigate the "Guna Cave," things go out of hand. With all of the positive publicity, the movie took off and is reportedly close to hitting the 40 crore milestone at the box office.

Manjummel Boys, the newest phenomenon, is poised to do what no previous malayalam film has throughout the years. Being the first-ever mollywood film to enter the exclusive one-million-dollar club in North America, the survival thriller is sure to make history. Trade analysts predict that by the end of next week, Manjummel Boys will have crossed the $1 million milestone. Manjummel Boys is about to surpass 600K$ and will grab the lead from lucifer in a few days to become the highest grossing malayalam movie in this area.

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