As AHA's Chef mantra was about to begin, megastar niharika konidela was getting ready to host, but something unexpected happened. Plans for the show were derailed when a young actor wanted to utilise the first episode to promote his picture, which is slated for release during the first week of March.
The actor agreed at first, but over the course of the last three days, he changed the filming date many times, which caused delays. He did not show up or return calls on february 28, despite promises that he would ultimately come. After a while, he decided he didn't want to be involved and that the cooking programme wasn't fascinating, which disappointed niharika and the rest of the crew. 

Many people are perplexed by the actor's behaviour in this scenario, especially in light of the fact that niharika, the Mega daughter, is the presenter and Allu Arvind is one of the show's renowned producers. Her dissatisfaction was apparent as she considered the lost chance, speculating that if the actor had not first consented to go, they would have been able to get another guest—perhaps even as important as megastar Chiranjeevi. The team is currently dealing with unforeseen obstacles as they attempt to reorganise and strategize their next move, following the episode's postponement and eventual cancellation.

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