Director sampath nandi previously oversaw the creation of "Odhela railway station," which was overseen by his assistant ashok Teja. Nonetheless, talks were held with producers such as naga Vamsi about a sequel starring tamannaah Bhatia; however, the project failed to gain momentum a few months ago due to financial constraints. Now for the twist.
Sampath Nandi has now made the decision to fund the project personally in the absence of the previous production firm or the new one. Additionally, the director decided to call the movie "Odhela 2" instead of Odhela railway station 2 in order to prevent a conflict with past producers or other creative concerns. This decision was made today.

The film might have had more life if it had been produced by some well-known production companies, but it appears that sampath nandi was obliged to take on the project on his own due to unsolved creative concerns.
In addition, the telangana Narcotics Bureau has issued a warning about the use of the name "Ganja" in the title and how the filmmakers are unintentionally promoting the drug. These problems are plaguing Sampath's directing debut starring Sai Dharam Tej, Ganja Shankar. This movie's future remains uncertain, so we'll have to wait and see if it gets the green light or not.

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