'Pushpa 3' shooting started..!? Why so much hurry..!?

But the makers are shooting with jet speed as if there is no problem of missing the date under any circumstances. They are working day and night with a deadline. 'Pushpa: The Rule' is one of the most awaited pan india movies of 2024. There are huge expectations for this action movie directed by genius director sukumar and starring icon star Allu Arjun. After the first part 'Pushpa: The Rise' unexpectedly became a blockbuster in North india, now everyone is eagerly waiting for 'Pushpa 2'. But even before this movie hits the theatres, rumors about 'Pushpa' part 3 are doing the rounds. The makers have officially announced that 'Pushpa 2' will be released on august 15, 2024. But in the meantime, it has gone viral that this movie may not come on time. But the makers are shooting with jet speed as if there is no problem of missing the date under any circumstances. They are working day and night with a deadline. Sukku and the team are struggling to finish the shoot as soon as possible and focus on post-production. But there is a rumor that the shooting of 'Puspa: The Rule' is almost complete and now some scenes are being shot in 'Pushpa 3'.
It is said that after seeing the content and rushes of the movie 'Pushpa: The Rule', Sukumar-Bunny felt that 'Pushpa 3' was necessary. That is why a part of the third part was shot recently. According to the plan, 'Pushpa 2' will be released in august and the pending shoot of part 3 will be completed by the end of this year. Moreover, there are rumors that 'Pushpa 3' will also be released in the summer of 2025. But if you look at Sukumar's working style and the making of Pan india films, it seems that there may be no truth in these. In fact, movie MAKERS' target='_blank' title='mythri movie makers-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>mythri movie makers said that they will take the film 'Puspa 2' on the sets immediately after the release of 'Pushpa' part 1. But after the first part received an incredible response in the North, all calculations changed. The makers are determined to shoot the second part on a huge scale with the highest budget. sukumar also took more time for the script and pre-production. That is why if 'Pushpa: The Rule' is released in december 2021, it will take more than two and a half years for Part 2 to come. More recently, allu arjun said that compared to 'Pushpa 1', 'Pushpa 2' is going to be on a much bigger canvas, and in terms of characterization, we will see the highest end in the second part. Moreover, pushpa can certainly expect part 3. He said that he wanted to turn it into a franchise. There are excellent ideas for this. Looking at all this, it is understood that depending on the outcome of 'Pushpa: The Rule', there are possibilities of films in this franchise. Judging by the current buzz surrounding the movie 'Pushpa 2', trade sources predict that 'KGF 2' is guaranteed to break records at the box office. If this happens then there is no doubt that the upcoming movies will be on a huge scale. The budget also depends on the market and the bunny craze. If the reach comes at the same global level, there is no need to be surprised even if international actors are added. If 'Pushpa 2' fails to live up to expectations, there is a possibility of a part 3 to suit it. On the whole, if 'Pushpa: The Rule' is a hit in any range, there is a possibility that allu arjun will plan to make 'Pushpa 3' in that range or even higher. Moreover, without seeing how the reach of part 2 will be... I can't think that sukumar will do the shooting of the third part and even think about the release date. So the news that the shooting of 'Pushpa 3' will finally be completed this year seems to be a mere rumor. If not, you can give a lead to part 3 in the climax. However, Sukku and bunny are likely to think about 'Pushpa 3' only after seeing the results of 'Pushpa 2'.

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