This is an intriguing news on Odela 2, the supernatural horror film starring sampath nandi and tamannaah bhatia, which was revealed yesterday along with a title poster. The actress is portraying shiva Shakti's persona, a naga Sadhu. This is Tamannaah's first time portraying a role like this. She's going to change for the part. 

With regard to her appearance and character design, the creators are being quite meticulous. The presence of tamannaah really benefits the film. On Friday, the film premiered in Kashi, and the regular filming in the town of temples also started. Under the aegis of Madhu Creations and sampath nandi Teamworks, ashok Teja is directing this high-budget project.

Renowned for his performance in the hit movie KGF, Vasishta simha is scheduled to return as tirupati in the next Odela railway station sequel, which is expected to release in telugu in 2022. In the follow-up, the actor—who starred alongside Heba patel in the previous installment—will be teamed with tamannaah bhatia, a well-known South actress. Let's examine the movie in greater depth.

In Odela 2, Vasishta simha will return to the role of dhobi tirupati, his second time playing the part. Filming on the movie, which is a follow-up to the criminal thriller, just started in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. According to reports, the film's critical schedule is reportedly in progress on the ganga Ghats.

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